CIE ByCh EeCh LtCh LvCh BaltCh

Fixour's Every You Every Me

Bruno 12 months || photo © Fixour's

Hips FCI C/C & Elbows FCI 1/1
PRA(rcd4) carrier & CCA clear
High 65cm & Weight 32kg

Bruno in breeding database

Owner: Sini Ylitalo & Sophie Aspholm, Vimpeli

  • CIE - International Show Champion
  • By Ch - Belorussian Champion
  • Ee Ch - Estonian Champion
  • Lt Ch - Lithuanian Champion
  • Lv Ch - Latvian Champion
  • Balt Ch - Baltic Champion

  • CIE Ger(VDH)Ch AtCh AtJCh HrJCh
    Showpoint Light My Fire

    Showpoint Dreamer

    Raggededge Red Label

    FiW'06 EuWV'06
    Kingpoint Celebrity

    CIE EeCh LvCh LtCh MeCh MkCh
    MdCh AzCh CyCh ByCh ByGrCh BaltCh
    EeJCh BaltJW-09 EeJW-09 LtW-13 SeW-14 BH TK1
    Windcrest Showpoint Uptown Girl

    Windcrest Once In A Blue Moon

    Windcrest Lyin' Eyes

    CIE EeCh LvCh PtCh SpCh
    Sunsetter's Alphabet Street
    Am Dual Ch
    Sun-Yak Spellbnd Heaven Scent
    Spellbound's Notarious
    Sun-Yak's Desert Echo
    SpCh GipCh
    Sunsetter's Bohemian Rhapsody
    CIE EsCh PtCH WW'01
    Ludstar Maranello
    De(VDH)Ch SpCh GipCh
    Sunsetter's Take A Chance On Me


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