Break -litter

Whelped December 4, 2011

CIE MultiCh AtW'08-09-11
Hillock International Affair "Nash" (imp.USA)
dob: 21.7.2007
Hips: FCI A1/A1
PRA (rcd4) - carrier
Owner: Verena Forman & Urte Zambelli, Germany

Nash´s homepage

CIE Ee & Lv & Lt & By & Me & Mk & Md & Az & Cy Ch ByGrCh
BaltCh EeJCh BaltJW-09 EeJW-09 LtW-13 BH TK1
Windcrest Showpoint Uptown Girl "Sabi" (imp.USA)
dob: 8.5.2008
Hips: FCI A/A
Elbows: FCI 0/0
PRA (rcd4) - clear
Owner: Sophie Aspholm & Pirjo Huovila

Sabi in breeding database
Sabi's page

Male (brown)

Fixour's Break Your Heart "Leevi"


Complete dentition and scissor bite

>> Leevi in breeding database

Owner: Iida Lamminsivu, Tampere

21 months -->

Male (green)

Fixour's Break the Rules "Elvis"


PRA(rcd4) - clear
Complete dentition and scissor bite

  • Lopetettu immunologisen sairauksen takia. Uusia verisoluja ei syntynyt enää.

  • >> Elvis in breeding Database

    Owner: Sini Ylitalo, Teerijärvi

    8 months -->

    Bitch (light red)

    Fixour's Breaking News "Manna"


    Complete dentition and scissor bite

    >> Manna in breeding database

    Owner: Soili Havia, Imatra

    17 months -->

    Bitch (red)

    Fixour's Breaking the Habit "Frida"

    Hips: FCI C/A
    Elbows: FCI 0/0
    PRA(rcd4) - clear
    PM1 missing in upper jaw

    >> Frida in breeding database
    >> More

    Owner: Sophie Aspholm, Tampere

    3 years -->

    Bitch (purple)

    Fixour's Breaking Dawn "Ansa"


    >> Ansa in breeding database

    Owner: Sanna Huotari & Matti Kämäräinen, Kajaani

    3 years -->

    Hillock Hall of Fame


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