Expected for July, 2018

CIE HeW'16
Moonset Ghostbuster "Buster"
dob: 14.3.2010
Hips: FCI C/C
Elbows: FCI 0/0
Owner: Tarja & Kari Lappalainen

Buster in breeding database

Fixour's Chilled Chaos "Lilli"
dob: 8.10.2014
Hips: FCI B/B
Elbows: FCI 0/0
PRA (rcd4): CLEAR
Owner: Sophie Aspholm & Ville Knuutila

Lilli in breeding database
Lilli's page

Lilli on astutettu 28.4., pentuja odotetaan syntyvaksi heinakuun alussa 2018!

CIE HeW'17
Moonset Ghostbuster

Moonset Best In Time

AmCh FiW'95&96&98&99&01 NordW'97
Fair Isle The Bodyguard

CIE FiW'04 BaltW'04 VWW'08
Kingpoint Crazy American

Moonset Ex Visu Amor

EuW'06 Dunbarkn's Moondance
EeJW EeJW'05 EuJW'05 FiW'08 FiVW'12
Finfair Gold Marie

Fixour's Chilled Chaos
CIE MultiCh
Xenaran Final Cut
AmCh CaCh
Sassenach King of The Castle
CIE EeCh ByCh ByW'09
Showpoint Day After Day
Fixour's Breaking The Habit
CIE MultiCh
Hillock International Affair
CIE MultiCh
Windcrest Showpoint Uptown Girl


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